'Korix' RTS Heads To PSVR On March 28

StellarVR announced that its real-time strategy title, Korix, will debut on PlayStation VR on March 28. The game is positioned as an "old-school" RTS with tower defense elements that uses a stylized polygonal art direction to stand out from many of the other strategy titles currently on the market.

Korix was announced in August 2016. In the time since, the game has jumped from a target 90fps to a target 120fps on both the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro, and creator Mark Taylor said in the release date announcement that you'll notice "higher image quality through improved local shadows" if you play on the PS4 Pro. But its primary goal--offering gameplay inspired by some of the RTS titles from the '90s--is unchanged from the initial reveal.

Korix offers a single-player campaign, skirmish mode, and online multiplayer that supports 2-4 players in versus matches or cooperative play. As you might expect from a tower defense-RTS game set in deep space, the campaign wants you to "build up your defenses, capture resources, and construct your own army to exact revenge" on aliens who destroyed your homeworld. A page on Sony's website says the campaign should run from 3-5 hours.

StellarVR said on its website that Korix doesn't require the PlayStation's Move controller, but it's "heavily recommended" because it makes it "easier to place turrets at strange angles." Between not requiring a Move controller and focusing on traditional RTS gameplay, Korix reminds us of Landfall, an Oculus Rift title controlled via Xbox gamepad with a third-person point of view instead of the first-person perspective common to many VR games.

That's a pretty favorable comparison. We noted after we played Landfall at the Oculus Connect 3 that we'd play the game for hours. You'll be able to find out for yourself if Korix is similarly engrossing when it debuts on the PlayStation Store on March 28. The game's price was not revealed.

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TypeVR, Real-Time Strategy
PlatformsPlayStation VR
Where To BuyPlayStation Store
Release DateMarch 28, 2017
Nathaniel Mott
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