Legacy introduces slim 1 GByte DDR memory

SAN CLEMENTE (CA) - Legacy Electronics today announced low-profile DDR memory. The modules are available in 512 MByte and 1 GByte configuration and measure just 0.7 inches in height. The memory is targeted to be used especially in space-limited environments.

The 512 MByte and 1 GByte modules are the first members of the new "PointSeven" product family of Legacy. The DDR DIMM is mounted vertically into low-form designs, making the need to tip DIMMs at a 25-degree angle to fit obsolete. Among the benefits of the memory are reduced net lengths of memory controllers, more airflow results, as well as the possibility to design more memory slots into system boxes.

Blade-servers are a primary target of the product; however manufacturers of small form-factor PCs are likely to also look at Legacy's solution.

Kelvin Marino, Legacy's director of application engineering and new product development, said that the new DDR module is a result of combining current design tools with new and smaller support components. "It combines the speed of DDR with low profile technology to ultimately provide higher DRAM density," he said. Compared to the 0.7" height of the PointSeven modules, typical DDR memory products measure about 1.2 inches.

Pricing of the memory was not announced.