Lenovo Alder Lake Gaming Desktop Teased on Weibo

Lenovo Legion Alder Lake Teaser
(Image credit: weibo.com)

According to a Tweet posted by known tech sleuth @momomo_us, Lenovo is planning to refresh its Legion series of gaming desktops with Intel's new 12th Gen Alder Lake platform. One of Lenovo's social media accounts in Asia teased the news with a new banner showcasing a new Legion desktop and advertising features such as DDR5, PCIe 5.0, and Alder Lake CPUs. The Twitter account's source is a Weibo page, that appears to be official.

Legion is Lenovo's gaming brand, and is utilized by both its notebooks and desktops. Currently, its Legion desktops pack the latest hardware, including Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and Rocket Lake 11th Gen Core processors from Intel. Plus Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics cards. All of Lenovo's hardware configurations are packed into matte black tempered glass cases with RGB fans.

Lenovo Legion Alder Lake Banner

(Image credit: weibo.com)

This appears to be the start of Alder Lakes' advertising campaign from Intel's partners, though it may have come a bit early. An official release date for Alder Lake has yet to be seen, however current projections indicate a rumored release by early next year at best.

Unfortunately, Lenovo has not released any details to any new features exclusive to these refresh Legion gaming desktops. All we know is the lineup will be getting a platform upgrade to Alder Lake from Rocket Lake.

Even if it's just a platform change, Alder Lake will be quite the upgrade if current performance projections are true. Alder Lake's performance cores promise to have 19% higher IPC compared to Rocket Lake, which alone should improve gaming performance quite a bit. Not to mention the other improvements to Alder Lake, like dedicated power saver cores, DDR5 memory, and potentially, higher frequencies overall.

Aaron Klotz
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