Lenovo Expected to Lay Off Staff Mid-January

2008 was fraught with news about layoffs, cutbacks and corporate restructuring. The current economic crisis means companies are desperate to save the pennies in any way they can and it looks like 2009 is off to a similar start.

Digitimes this week reported that Lenovo will be reorganizing the company around mid-January. Citing Chinese-language publication Sina.com, the company’s reorganizing will include adjustments to its business structure and layoffs. The report also said we’ll hear more on the rumors that Lenovo’s chairman, Yang Yuanqing, is planning to resign. With roughly 20,000 employees, there’s no indication as to how many people will be let go later in the month.

The news comes as rumors about possible cutbacks at Microsoft hit a peak. Mini-Microsoft recently speculated about substantial layoffs at the Redmond company, which the site reported we’d see on January 15, just one week before the company announces its earnings for FY09Q2. While it’s all speculation, the layoffs or cutbacks are expected around the same time as the Lenovo reorganization and if they come to fruition, January could be a huge month for layoffs.

We’ll update when we know more but Mini-Microsoft is usually pretty on the money when it comes to predictions. January will certainly be an interesting month. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when we hear more about either or these companies letting staff go.