LG to Show Multi-Room Audio Streamer at CES 2014

Image: LG Electronics

In addition to revealing a monster TV, LG Electronics will also showcase its latest audio video lineup at CES 2014 in just a few weeks. This lineup includes the Wireless Audio System (NP8740), which allows owners to stream high quality music around the home or office. The streamer runs on the latest mesh network technology that includes dual band support.

"Each wireless speaker not only produces rich sound with clarity and depth, but also sends the sound out in multiple directions," LG Electronics reports. "Several speakers can be set up in any combination of rooms, connecting an entire house under a single system."

Now here's where this sound system gets interesting. The embedded mesh network technology allows the device to send two ways: Party Mode, which sends the same song to all speakers positioned across the house; and Personal Mode that sends a different song through each speaker. The NP8740 can connect to other audio systems as well.

LG's upcoming Wireless Audio System essentially allows users to listen to music throughout the house without the need for a network connection. There will also be an app that transforms smartphones into a master control unit. These apps are even capable of streaming online music sources to the Wireless Audio System.

In addition to the audio system, LG Electronics also plans to showcase the SoundPlate (LAB540W). This new model is equipped with a 4.1 channel, 320 watt sound system and an external wireless subwoofer. The device can save space by fitting directly underneath a variety of 32-inch to 55-inch TVs. The SoundPlate also serves as a connectivity portal and features a built-in 3D Blu-ray player along with LG's Smart TV functionality, turning any HDTV into a Smart TV.

Also seen at the show will be LG's Sound Bar (NB5540) and the Micro Audio System (CM3430). Stay tuned for more LG coverage next month.

  • teh_chem
    I'm a pessimist in many ways, but man, this sounds 100% boring.
  • falchard
    Imagine if you own a Karoake Bar.
  • CaedenV
    All I still care about are any announcements of single controller 4K screens and broad adoption of DP or HDMI2. Once they get those going, and lower the overall price a little, then I will gladly give up one of my children for the screen and a new GPU to feed it.

    ... they can have the teething one, I am getting a bit attached to the other one.