Lian Li Announces PC-V700, Its Smallest ATX Case

The new all-aluminum framed chassis stands short among its mid tower brethren, with dimensions of 15.74 (H) x 8.26 (W) x 19.52 (D) inches. Don't let those physical specs fool you; this case features a hotswappable HDD cage capable of holding up to four 3.5-inch hard drives and a 2.5-inch SSD rack which can hold two SSD's that when removed offers enough room for graphics cards of up to 17.32-inches in length!


The PC-V700 offers impressive expandability in a small size, allowing two additional 3.5-inch HDDs to be screwed into the floor of the case without interfering with other components in your system. Lian Li has decided to position the power supply in the front of the case under the drive bays, along with the necessary ventilation slits to keep your power supply running cool.

The PC-V700 provides sufficient cooling, with a front 140 mm fan pulling cool air onto the HDD rack. The case also features double 120 mm fans at the top and one rear 120 mm fan to ensure cool air stays in and warm air is exhausted.

Front panel connections include one e-SATA port, three USB 3.0 ports and HD audio.

The PC-V700 will be available in Black (PC-V700B $249), Silver (PC-V700A $249) and an internally black windowed model (PC-V700WX $279). Availability is expected late April in U.S. and Canada. For more images and details visit the Lian-Li product page.

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  • techcurious
    belardoYep... also, since its a desktop-tower, it means it's blowing warm air onto your arm, etc.

    hmmm.. people living in cold countries might actually like that..
  • po1nted
    amk-aka-PhantomSame as Cooler Master Elite 343 just 7 times more expensive... pass.

    How is this the same as the 343? The 343 has a top mounted power supply, only 4 rear slots and the drive cage is not removable to allow for larger video cards. This does not appear to be anything like the 343.
  • Other Comments
  • christarp
    am I the only one confused as to how exactly the PSU mounts in there?
  • Anonymous
    Yes you are, try reading.
  • Anonymous
    In the bottom-front of the case, intaking air from the bottom, and exhausting out the front. Very similar internal design to the PC-A05N.