Logitech's G305 Mouse Promises The Convenience Of Wireless With The Speed Of Wired

Logitech's mission to outfit as many gaming mice as possible with its Lightspeed wireless technology continues with the G305.

We got our first peek at Lightspeed and the accompanying Powerplay wireless charging technology back in 2017. Logitech's stated goal was to develop wireless solutions that were as capable or better than their wired counterparts. So far as Lightspeed is concerned, that means the company's wireless gaming mice can't randomly drop their connections, introduce extra input lag, or otherwise interfere with your gameplay.

Lightspeed debuted with the G903 and G703 mice. A few months later, Logitech released the G603, which also introduced the new High Efficiency Rated Optical (HERO) sensor. (Shout out to the marketer who found a way to give a new optical sensor a name like "HERO.") That same HERO sensor will now make its way to the G305, making it the company's second mouse to feature both its new wireless tech and optical sensor.

The most notable differences between the G305 and G603 are found in their battery life, weight, and price. Both require a single AA battery, but the G305 is only rated for 250 hours use off that lonely battery, whereas the G603 is rated for 500 hours. But the battery life isn't the only thing Logitech trimmed with the G305--it weighs 99g with one AA battery inside, and the G603 weighs 112.3g. The G305 costs $60; the G603 is $70.

Logitech said the G305 is "expected to be available at global retailers in May 2018." You can already find the mouse on the company's website, where you're given the option of choosing a black or white model before you're prompted to pre-order the device ahead of its official launch.

Logitech G305
High Efficiency Rated Optical (HERO)
>400 IPS
Polling Rate
USB: 1,000Hz

Wireless: 1,000Hz
Logitech Gaming Software
Dimensions (H x W x D)
116.6 x 62.15 x 38.2mm
99g (with a single AA battery inside)
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  • KD_Gaming
    Can anybody explain to me what the point of having a wireless mouse is when you have to wire the mouse pad?
  • walker5467
    Sure, but first, what does a wired mouse pad have to do with this mouse? It uses a AA battery. Not having a wire on the mouse means no wire getting caught or pulling at the mouse at the wrong time, which can be very important for making sure your fast moving clicks get to the right place.
  • johnrhenle
    It's got RGB lighting, huh? Where? That one tiny little (blue) light on the top?