Logitech Puts Windows-8 Button on a Wireless Mouse

Logitech has announced its new M560 wireless mouse that features a little something we haven't seen much before: a Windows 8 button.

The mouse features the renown Logitech Unifying receiver, and it is powered by a single AA battery. Like a lot of other mice from Logitech, it also features the 'Hyper-Fast' scroll wheel, which can have its clicks disabled and go into a 'free-spinning' mode. The mouse also features two extra thumb buttons for navigation, which can be customized in the SetPoint software.

The Windows 8 button featured on the mouse, which Logitech refers to as the 'Windows 8 edge menu button,' brings you straight to the App Bar and Charms Bar. It can also be used to bring up the Metro interface or return to the desktop. Of course, the mouse will also work in conjunction with Windows 7.

Logitech will be releasing the mouse in two colors, white and black, and it will feature an MSRP of $39.99.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • ethanolson
    Friggin' genius, Logitech... genius!
  • monsta
    Not a bad idea
  • edogawa
    This isn't a bad idea, but doesn't 8.1 make this pointless now that the start button is back.
  • sirskeetsalot2013
    All you had to do was press windows key one time on your keyboard to get to start screen before 8.1, and still works.

    Then the magical windows key + Q to search for all apps/files by typing the name. I found it way faster than looking on a start menu used it in all previous versions of windows too.
  • sirskeetsalot2013
    don't forget about the lovely windows key + x too for fast shutdown, sign out and other important features that used to be on control panel.
  • USAFRet
    My several month old Logitech Performance MX does this already.
    In what is the thumbrest area of the pictured mouse, a slight click scrolls through whatever Metro apps are in the background.
  • sykozis
    Logitech "will be releasing" this mouse? Logitech already released this mouse.... Amazon has been selling this mouse for at least 3 weeks now.... Seems a few review sites are late on this one....
  • Ceee9
    why not just assign ur mouse micro button for window button...
  • rantoc
    Hope its below the mouse since ill never install win8 =O
  • rwinches
    Great! So in the middle of a firefight you now have the opportunity to hit the Windows key on your mouse. Doh!