Logitech Unveils G933, G633 Gaming Headsets With 'DTS: Headphone X' Surround Sound

For five years, Logitech's top tier gaming headset was the G930, a $159.99 wireless headset that came with Dolby 7.1 surround sound and three programmable keys and boasted a battery life of 10 hours. However, the company believes that the G930 is near the end of its reign and introduced not one, but two new potential heirs to the throne, the G933 and G633 Artemis Spectrum headsets.

The most notable difference between the two headsets are connectivity and the amount of multiple audio inputs. The G933 mainly uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection in conjunction with a USB dongle, but you can also connect a 3.5 mm cable and a micro USB cable to have three different audio inputs at the same time. As for the G633, it's a wired connection using either the 3.5 mm cable or the micro-USB cable, but both can be used simultaneously.

In order to switch between the micro-USB and 3.5 mm connections, both headsets have a PC/3.5 mm toggle switch on the rear of the left earcup. There are also four programmable buttons, and the volume dial, in the same location.

At first glance, the headsets don't appear to include a microphone, but it's indeed there, conveniently folded away at the front of the left earcup. It's also flexible and can be slightly extended to get better voice reception.

For sound quality, the company developed a new patent-pending audio driver called Pro-G. It uses a new material for the diaphragm component, which minimizes disturbing distortions to provide the clearest sound possible.

The Dolby surround sound system is still around, but this time Logitech also found a new partner in DTS and offers its DTS Headphone: X surround sound, which alleges to deliver a more immersive experience due to better calibration and sound processing from the system's algorithms.

The final piece of the puzzle involves the Logitech Gaming Software. Just like the G910 Orion Spark keyboard and the G303 Daedalus Apex mouse, both headsets will include the company's Spectrum RGB lighting on the side of the earcups, as well as the G symbols on the outer plates of the earcups. Obviously, the headsets will sync with the keyboard and mouse if you want to have all three devices simultaneously display the same colored patterns, which is similar to what Razer's Synapse and Corsair's Link software offer.

The G633 will be the first of the two headsets to hit the market, which will be sometime in September, with a price tag of $149.99. If you're willing to spend an additional $50, the G933 comes out one month later, in October. The DTS: Headphone X surround sound feature will arrive in early October as an update to the Logitech Gaming System.

The company also noted that the first batch of G633 headsets will have a rubber micro-USB cord, but following shipments will replace that material with a braided cable. Those who buy from the initial set can send the rubber cable to Logitech to get it replaced for free.

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  • nikolajj
    It is designs like these that makes me move from Logitech to SteelSeries. I Love my G700 mouse (my, by now, last Logitech product), and sincerely hope that if a G702 comes around, it will NOT look like nighter a spaceship or a racing car!
  • ohim
    Audiophile grade headphones and a good DAC / soundcard will be better that these gaming headsets ....
    I got my G930s for $120, I believe. The audio cuts out every 5 minutes or so for 5 seconds, it's annoying. I can't see spending $200 on a new Logitech headset, unless there's confirmation that it will work on consoles as well.
  • ubercake
    There's not much more you can do to a 2-speaker virtual 7.1 DTS surround headset (5.1 or 7.1 with only two speakers is about the same - you're still never quite sure if the sound is from in front or behind you) but add lights to the earcups.

    I'd be willing to bet a G35 well under $100 sounds about the same.
  • Fabel
    Great, if those are like my G930 and my G35 the cushioning will peel off and the plastics will crackle and break even in handled with care.

    Oh and with last driver the G930 will shut off every 15 minutes for no reason.
  • Spazzy
    I got my G930s for $120, I believe. The audio cuts out every 5 minutes or so for 5 seconds, it's annoying. I can't see spending $200 on a new Logitech headset, unless there's confirmation that it will work on consoles as well.

    I had this issue as well. To solve it, move your wifi router further away from you (Your router uses the same frequency). Ditch the Logitech extension cable, it is too long causing voltage loss. Use a short extension cable and put it on your desk somewhere in front of you. This resolved the issue for me. My son uses the same headphones in the same office with me. There is no issue with interference between the two units. Neither unit suffers from disconnects as I applied the above fixes when I got him his pair.
  • Vulcann
    These are a little too "futuristic" for my taste, I have a pair of 930's I bought for $99 2 years ago and they still work great. The only issue I have is the hinky software that craps out for no reason every now and then and you lose the hot key (great for using ptt when moving around the house) and volume control. Range is a plus I usually get 25-30' in my house even with walls.

    My headphones have survived multiple international flights in checked bags, numerous road trips and general gaming abuse. I JUST had an issue with the cushions peeling on one ear cup but seeing as the aforementioned abuse and daily use I think that's normal wear and tear.

    If you like the look and they are equal quality tot he 930's I would suggest buying them over the creative and corsair options which both broke inside 6 months for me.
  • MasterMace
    I wonder if Tom's will do teardown reviews of these, much like their Power Supply reviews.
  • iam2thecrowe
    if it only has 2 physical speakers, then its not 7.1, don't care how good the "virtual positioning" is, its never worked before, i suppose this one has magic in it.
  • chrissy4605
    I have two sets of head phones, the SONY MDR -V6. The are a closed style headset while my other set, Sennheiser HD 590 open style headset. I will be using these to compare to the new G933 Gaming Headset. Being an Audiophile I love the clarity of the two cans I have. That and my Corsair 2.1 desktop Stereo speakers give me sound unspoiled by mere PC Speakers. When I plug either of my cans into the 3.5 mm jack I hear the music the way it is supposed to be heard.