Watch Us Play The 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Multiplayer

The weekly Tom’s Hardware Twitch stream returns after a two-week hiatus (thanks, GDC and PAX East). This week, we’re going to take an early look at the multiplayer gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda ahead of its release on Tuesday.

The latest game in the series comes five years after Mass Effect 3 and its controversial ending. In this game, you join the Andromeda Initiative, which sent thousands of people from the Milky Way into the Andromeda galaxy in search of a new home. With the multiplayer, however, we’ll jump right into the action against the enemy. Similar to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, it will be wave-based, and we have to survive as many waves of enemies as possible before extraction.

Prior to this stream, I was able to try out the game’s multiplayer at PAX East last weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as impressive as I thought because it was nearly identical to the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. In other words, it didn’t seem to add anything new in the five years since the previous game. Regardless, we’re going to try playing it for a few hours and see how many waves we can survive. If you’re unable to attend the stream today, you can also take a look at Bioware’s video on the subject.

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NameMass Effect: Andromeda
TypeRPG, Sci-Fi, Third-Person Shooter
PlatformPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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