Four Door Media Road Mice: Vroom Vroom!

Every year at CES there’s a few things that you HAVE to go see and then there’s the stuff that catches you off guard. You walk past the booth and there’s a huge fuss over something you’ve never even heard of and a lot of the time it’s pretty gimmicky.

This morning on our way from Asus to Shuttle we happened past what looked like a remote control car. Toys, yawn. We walked past it again later and over the crowd of people heard the booth guy pitching the product. A wireless mouse in the form of your favorite car. We moved a little closer.

The product comes from Four Door Media, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialized computer accessories. Road Mice are wireless optical car shaped mice and are officially licensed by some of the biggest car manufacturers going. I’ve never been a fan of those little model replica cars people buy just so they can have a miniature version of their own car on the mantle but these are really cool.

USB receiver and 800-dpi resolution aside, the functioning headlights really made this product. Not much else to say really but check out the pictures after the jump.