Micron speeds up reduced latency DRAM

Boise (ID) - Micron Technologies announced its next-generation networking memory. The company enhanced its reduced latency dynamic RAM (RLDRAM) II memory to enable faster data transfer across a network.

The density of Micron's RLDRAM II networking products has doubled from 288 to 576 Mb. At the same time, clock speed climbs from 400 to 533 MHz and latency drops from 20 ns to 15 ns.

According to Micron, the new memory devices support next generation network equipment, such as 10 GB/s systems.

Fast cycle RAM (FCRAM) has been used as an alternative to RLRAM, but Micron believes that manufacturers will migrate to RLDRAM, due to its higher performance characteristics. Micron said it is sampling the new devices "to select customers". Mass production is expected to begin in early next year.