Microsoft Adding New Security Features to Accounts

Eric Doerr, Group Program Manager, Microsoft Account, updated Microsoft's blog with news that the company is rolling out a few new capabilities over the next couple of days that are based on user feedback. The update follows the launch of Microsoft's two-step verification last April, allowing the 700 million members to add an additional layer of access control to their account.

"In the eight months since we released this feature, we've seen impressive adoption. Every day, thousands more users enable this extra protection for their account," writes Doerr. "We're also delighted to see that customers who have turned on two-step verification are less likely to experience illegal activities with their accounts. If you have not yet activated two-step verification, we highly recommend you do."

As for the new features, Microsoft has added a new view that allows account holders to see sign-ins and other account activities. The goal is to give users piece of mind when all is well, and "actionable" information if there's questionable activity that causes concern. This new page shows both successful and unsuccessful sign-ins, the addition and deletion of security information and more. If something doesn't appear right, simply hit the "This wasn't me" button and follow the steps.

Windows Account now also provides recovery codes for those using the two-step authentication process. In the event that something happens to the user's email address and telephone number simultaneously, users can enter a secure recovery code to regain access. Actually, anyone can set up and use security codes whether they're using two-step or not. However, there can be only one recovery code at any given time, he says.

"We've also heard feedback that some of you would like to have more control over how you receive security notifications (e.g. password reset notifications). So we've added the ability for you to choose where we send notifications," writes Doerr. "Again, this is all about giving you greater visibility and control of your account so that we can work together to help keep your information safe."

Microsoft has also updated its guidelines on the best things to do to keep the account safe, which can be read here.

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  • Darkk
    Glad Microsoft is taking this very seriously about protecting the accounts. Two factor authentication been around for years.
  • digiex
    "Microsoft is beefing up Accounts with added security options."

    Hackers - "Challenge accepted!"
  • rokit
    Anonymous said:
    "Microsoft is beefing up Accounts with added security options."

    Hackers - "Challenge accepted!"

    Pretty much this lol