Microsoft Skips 3, Releases Security Essentials 4 Beta

Users interested in downloading and testing the software have to sign up for the beta test and provide either a Windows Live ID or Connect ID.

According to Microsoft, the new version has received a new "protection engine" with better detection and cleanup features. MSE4 will automatically remove malware and not require user action in cases of "high-impact malware infections". The user interface has been slightly changed and further simplified. Microsoft says that the new version is optimized to make better use of background resources, won't use as much memory and won't degrade a PCs performance during scans and cleanups.

Some users may notice that the current version of MSE is 2.1. Apparently, there will not be a version 3 of the software.

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  • Parsian
    great, cant wait.
  • BlackHawk91
    I started using MSE a few weeks ago and I love it, it does a great job with few system resources. It works amazingly in old PCs.
    Offtopic: How many times has that image been reused?
  • I'm interested to see how MSE is going to use less memory. It already uses so little. Is it going to come over to my house and install some more ram in my system?