Microsoft to Invest $80M in Advertising "BING"

According to Advertising Age, Microsoft is planning to invest between $80 million and $100 million in campaigns to spread the word about its latest search effort, Bing. While everyone has been talking up a project named Kumo, AdAge reports that the Redmond company is hoping to launch the aforementioned 'Bing' along with a monster ad designed to target competitors like Google and Yahoo!.

Citing folks familiar with the matter, AdAge says Microsoft’s ad campaign will not target competition by name - a little different to the company's PC versus Mac series of television commercials. Instead sources say Microsoft is going to focus on planting the idea that today's search engines don't work as well as consumers previously thought. By asking them whether search really solves their problems, Microsoft is hoping consumers will consider switching search engines and give Bing a shot. As reported last week, the new search engine aims to cut down on the time users spend searching so the details of the ad campaign seem legit. It's just the discrepancy with the names left to figure out.

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Kumo would sift through links that are of no use to us and organize results into categories. For example, a search for a certain model of car would throw up results with categories showing listings for parts, used car listings, online discussion forums and videos showing the vehicle. The end result (bit of search engine humor for you there) would see a drop in the number of clicks it takes to get you from your search engine to the site you're looking for.

Microsoft is currently number three in search and we doubt an $80 million ad campaign is going to push people to change, leaving behind Google or Yahoo! Still, we’re eager to see what the company has come up with.

  • dman3k
    Bingo! I don't get it...
  • Dyseman
    Quick! Gates is coming... Get the Machine that goes 'BING'
  • doomtomb
    Silly Microsoft, there is no fighting Google. You either join them or die.
  • blazeorangeman
    Honestly, Microsoft needs to learn that not everybody wants absolutely everything from them. They need to take a look at GM. They have like 1,000 different car brands and on the verge of bankruptcy because everybody wants to buy a Toyota (a much better build vehicle from the popular opinion). Microsoft it's this simple: stick to OS and other software packages and make those perform ridiculously well, and let others innovate elsewhere (and when they make something really sweet, like google, buy them, ha ha ha ha).
  • matt_b
    So MS Live search is dead?

    Just doesn't have the same common sound as telling someone to search by:
    "Google _______"
    "Bing ________"
    Better work on the name some more..........
  • enforcer22
    personaly i dont use google and yahoo for searchs so they dont need to get me to stop using them. but dont use ms either.
  • ricardok
    From my past experience (since altavista), google does give a lot of positive/relevant results for what I'm searching.
    MS search engine (live search) sux a lot because most of the time the results given are not even close related to what I'm used to get from google (I only use LS if I forget to add google search right after formating a PC and before installing firefox).
    Have anyone tried to find an error message from MS softwares using live search? :)
    You have to search "0x0088920DA09 vista word save compatibility" in order to get relevant results (fictional search) while at google you just type in the error 'number'.
  • cadder
    Google always puts the "paid" advertisers at the top of the list so you have to work way down the list to find links with real content. If MS would work better then I would definitely switch.
  • Zoonie
    Hmm, they should've named it "BANG". So instead of saying "Go google it" you could say "go bang it".

    "Honey, what's the street address of our lawyer?"
    "I don't know, google him or bang him."

    Aaah, these nerd jokes.
  • Platypus
    I used to love Google until they had the joke of providing results based on the word "Failure" linking to George Bush, and then later linking to Michael Moore to even out the score. I personally think all politicains are scum by definition, but whether you support them or not, your search engine should not be politically motivated.

    I am excited to see Microsoft putting forth the effort. I hope their product can keep up with their aspirations.