Microsoft Launching on June 3

Given that we’re not allowed to use it for another week, it’s hard to know if the new search engine, with all its nifty new tricks to give you smarter search results, is actually any better than Live search or even plain old Google Suggest. Previous reports that said Microsoft was endeavoring to cut down on clicks and rumors about sorting results into subcategories were all true.

Guardian UK cites Alex Hoye, chief executive of Latitude, a company that specializes in search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising, as saying: "This is the first thing we've seen in a long time that has things Google doesn't have. That's nice to see."

Right now, there’s little to go on but like we said before, we can’t wait to see what Microsoft has come up with. We just don’t know if it’ll be worth leaving Google for.

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  • jhansonxi
    According to the Urban Dictionary:

    1. bing: prison or jail

    Perhaps this will be used as a platform to promote ActiveX technologies and more lock-in. This in turn will increase malware developer interest in the platform which will result in more OneCare/Morro subscriptions.

    1. morro: A verb, meaning to borrow with absolutely no intention of paying back. An underhanded way of taking advantage of a good soul.
  • rubix_1011 make it sound like you are surprised with your findings...?
  • gimpy1
    It will be tough to replace Google. It's hard to break into a market when the verb/phrase that describes what your product does is the name of your competitor. If what I said is not clear, my point is we don't say, "I am going to look it up on the internet." We say, "I am going to google it." Once a product has been verbed, it is hard to compete with it.