Microsoft to Show New Search Tech to Fight Google

All Things Digital is hosted by the Wall Street Journal and the newspaper today reports that Microsoft will show off a new version of its Internet search engine, a project codenamed Kumo, at the show.

The Redmond company thinks that it has been playing second fiddle to Google when it comes to search for too long and rather than breathing new life into rumors about a Yahoo! acquisition, it seems the company has decided to improve its own search engine. According to the WSJ (which cites people familiar with the matter) Microsoft has been privately testing the search engine within the company for months.

The gist of it is Kumo aims to help us cut down on the amount of time we spend on the web, sifting through links that are of no use to us. The WSJ gives an example of the new technology like a certain model of car. Kumo would throw up results but grouped into different categories like listings for parts, used car listings, online discussion forums and videos showing the vehicle.

While it’s nice to see Microsoft improving its products, we can’t honestly say this will drag us away from Google. What do you guys think? A lot of you said that when Google burped last week, you were forced to use Yahoo! or Live Search. Can you see yourself turning your back on Google by choice, or is this too little too late on Microsoft’s part? Let us know!

  • hellwig
    I don't understand why Microsoft even bothers with search. They probably just think they can muscle their way into some of that sweet google ad revenue. I wonder if they realize they're probably spending more than they'll ever make, but then that didn't stop them from making the XBox.

    The head honchos at Microsoft need to step back and think about their business strategy. You can't come in late to the game with out having something better than your competition, and Microsoft Live search certainly isn't better. Microsoft seems to have forgotten that Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, etc... only became popular because Microsoft was able to undercut their competitors prices or drive them out of business. Google is free, and far too poweful to be brought down, and Microsoft honestly doesn't have a strategy for that.
  • tenor77
    I have to admit I like the idea, but habits are hard to break, plus it's slang now to "google" something without sounding like you're Quagmire.

    I totally kumo'ed your sister last night btw
  • squatchman
    The next largest competitors to Windows(Linux), IE(Firefox), and Office( all give their products away free of charge.

    At this point I think it is Microsoft challenging itself to come up with a better product more than anything.
  • jerther
    I won'T switch to Live Search as my primary source any time soon. Their site is so heavy, same for Yahoo.

    Thanks google for keeping things LIGHT!!!
  • Have you been to
  • jerther
    Hmm, not for a long time since I hate it... I just did a little visit, and it seems they did some good work, but still, the layout is pretty ugly (in firefox 3 at least) :P HAHA!

    Unless I need IE8!!!
  • deltatux
    Everytime Google burped, I just wait until Google comes back online. I very rarely would use another search engine 'cuz whenever I want to search for something, I automatically type already.

    Plus, usually when the Google burps happen I'm still snoozin' so it never affected me and hopefully never.
  • tipoo
    My geuss would be something similar to Wolfram Alpha.
  • frozenlead
    I agree - google being so light (and universal) of a search engine is what keeps me coming back. It's very simple, and doesn't have news, stocks, and what the latest dumb celebrity is doing on it. Just light, fast, and the best at what it does.
  • Ciuy
    oh com on, wtf is the big deal with the lil 1 hour issue with google lol ... yahoo sax and so does microsoft search engine.

    GOOGLE FTW ... even a monkey can use google, thats how simple and efective it is.