Microsoft's Project Spark Finally Out Of Beta

Microsoft and Team Dakota announced that Project Spark is now out of its six-month beta and available to download for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Project Spark is a free-to-play game creation software that was introduced by Microsoft back at E3 2013.

"Project Spark is an experience like no other that aims to democratize game making by giving everyone easy-to-use tools to create, play and share their own creations with others," Team Dakota explained. "You can instantly play tens of thousands of user-made games, remix a pre-made game, or hop right in and make your own game with tools including 3D sculpting and a visual programming language similar to what the pros use, made accessible to all.

Project Spark players can unlock content by using in-game credits. These credits can be earned, or customers can simply choose to purchase tokens, which can be used to immediately buy content. New launch content added to Project Spark includes a multiplayer mode, creation enhancements, champion features, an adventure mode and more.

The company is also selling a tasty Starter Pack retail disc for $39.99, which comes loaded with $85 worth of downloadable content. The disc includes a one month subscription to Spark Premium, an adventure called Champions Quest: Void Storm, a sci-fi theme pack called First Contact, the Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion, a winter landscape called Artic Glaciers, the Massive World Builders Pack expansion and the Yeti's Rage content pack.

Team Dakota revealed that during the beta, more than 1 million Project Spark creators logged in for 4 million hours to create 70,000 different game levels, which will be made available on day one. Team Dakota also said that although the game has come out of beta, it's still not finished; the game will never be "done" given that it's continuously molded and shaped by the community. The team added that in post-release, the community will be even more involved in shaping the game's future.

To play Project Spark on Windows 8.1, users will need an Intel Core i5 or better, 4 GB of RAM, Intel HD 4000 graphics or better and 2 GB of hard drive space. The Xbox One version will not require an Xbox Gold subscription.

To see Project Spark in action, check out the video below.

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  • red77star
    What a waste of time.
  • MorganAugust
    This looks pretty cool, definitely going to see what I can make.
  • w8gaming
    so has anyone redo pacman
  • Sn3akr
    I just heard, You can buy.. Premium is so important, which in my mind translates to..

    Give us 40$ for this game and we'll see how hard we can milk your wallet.

    Do they really expect people to have a 150$+ to spend monthly on their favourite games? It's almost like every game today is 15$+ monthly + a lot of micro payments on top of that.
    And if you want to play for free, they'll make the game so painfully slow to progress, that you'll likely end up blowing your brains out just from boredom!
  • GpVon
    no windows 7 support means I won't be playing this...kinda disappointed
  • agnickolov
    Correction: Project Spark was actually unveiled during BUILD 2013, a couple of months before E3. I should know since I was there.
  • alidan
    conker... never forget how they... crapped all over every gamer who loved bad fur day.
  • yumri
    i tried Project Spark while it was in Beta but really it seems like a money making schem by Mircosoft more than anything else ... if you want to make and share games for free ROBLOX is a actually free altertive just you will have to do the AI scripting yourself IF you even want the enemys to do anything like an AI that is.