Microsoft to Add Blu-ray Disc Support into Windows

Through the lifespan of the format, Microsoft has been a strong supporter of HD DVD. Microsoft helped to design the specifications and the underlying software that is used for many HD DVD titles, and even released HD DVD hardware for the Xbox 360.

Now with the victory of Blu-ray Disc, however, the world’s largest software maker is working on incorporating new storage options in Windows.

Microsoft is currently developing a "Windows Feature Pack for Storage" for both Windows XP and Windows Vista with no announced shipment date yet.

Plans for such an update were revealed on a Microsoft Connect website for test and development purposes, which detailed three new technologies that would eventually be added into the operating systems.

Although Blu-ray Disc media is currently supported through third party software, the update will integrate burning into the OS. The upcoming Image Mastering API update "enables the Windows platform to do master style optical burning on Blu-Ray media," according to the website.

The other update includes Active Storage Platform, which enables the system to "restrict access to portable devices (such as a USB Flash Device) via a certificate or password authentication based on the IEEE 1667 standard specification."

The last of the three new features is a Smart Card Driver that provides support for new form factors, such as ICCD/CCID.

While some may view the added Blu-ray Disc support in Windows as a sign of the format’s victory, Microsoft is simply padding the features of its operating system. Just because one can soon burn a Blu-ray Disc more easily in Windows doesn’t mean that Microsoft is a true Blu-ray believer.

While writable Blu-ray Discs will be the optical storage of the future, Microsoft is likely still looking at at digital downloads as the true answer for HD media delivery.

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  • jaragon13
    Shadow703793Why not ad DVD burning to XP while your at it?

    ...No idea.

    If Microsoft claims "downloadable content for HD" then why the hell is my highest local internet connection horribly limited(based on high quality streaming 1920x1080 resolution,impossible)

    Well hell,I could possible pay a thousand bucks for half a gig of bandwidth,and the unimaginable amount for them to transfer the lines all the way down here...
  • Anonymous
    on the subject of Xbox360 and HDDVD, I wonder why Microsoft doesn't just us HD-DVD as a proprietary format for Xbox360 games, that way the console becomes hack proof. No one will be able to produce HD-DVDs as there are no burners for pc use. Sega tried something like this except they used tightly packed CDROMs called GDROMs. Sega messed up and used ordinary CDs which were just burnt in a highly packed manner other CDROMS emulate. I dont think any one will be able to make a blue ray burner burn a DVD with that precision and Microsoft should have a big win that way...just wondering
  • ZootyGray
    that should be a nice 87 KB download.

    ditto re include xp. At least the update for bluray includes xp.

    more ways to sell 'wishta'.

    Easier to wait for wishta successor - heard it's coming.