Hotmail Breached; Microsoft Now Investigating

Microsoft said that it is investigating a security snafu at its Hotmail property that occurred earlier this week. Some Hotmail users report that, upon logging into their account, they would see the inbox that belonged to someone else.

Microsoft quickly issued a statement: "Microsoft is investigating reports of a limited number of instances in which Windows Live customers may have access to other customers' accounts when accessing their account through mobile web browser. Microsoft takes customers' privacy seriously, and immediately upon learning of these reports, we started an investigation."

The company hasn't yet revealed what, if anything, it has discovered yet, but pledged to take appropriate action once it has completed the investigation.

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  • herniter
    Insert thank god I have _____ email provider here... /sarcasm
  • grieve
    tikrjee... as if the huge influx of spam weren't bad enough?Thank you, Gmail!

    I have two hotmail accounts and one Gmail account... Gmail is my main mail supplier and to be honest i find the Spam far more sever in Gmail.

    Also i find hotmail easier to read when you get many sent/replies to one email.

    It's free, how can anyone complain realy?
  • randomizer
    All your inbox are belong to someone else.
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  • tikrjee
    ... as if the huge influx of spam weren't bad enough?
    Thank you, Gmail!
  • herniter
    Insert thank god I have _____ email provider here... /sarcasm
  • acadia11
    Hotmail, what's that??? That's like oh so 1996? I just forward all my spam from my other e-mail accounts to my hotmail account. Duh? I'm mean these people who are looking for information I'll gladly just forward the spam to them.