Windows 10 RTM Won't Require Clean Install

On Thursday, Gabriel Aul, the head of Microsoft's Windows Insiders program, responded to a question on Twitter about the RTM version of Windows 10. The individual wondered if Insiders will be able to update Windows 10 Technical Preview to the final release without having to wipe the hard drive and start over from scratch. Microsoft, it seems, plans to make upgrading easy on Windows 10 Technical Preview users.

"Yes, our intent is to ensure that you can upgrade every build all the way to the final release without having to clean install," Aul said.

Paul Thurrott pointed out that Microsoft uses the word "intent" because you can't really predict what's going to happen with the platform. He also noted that updating from preview versions to retail "shipping" versions has never been supported in the past. However, he suggested that in order to get a better take of Windows 10, users should do a clean install, or update from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1.

Previously, Gabriel Aul suggested that Windows 10 Technical Preview 9879 users should uninstall Office before applying the most recent updates. If they don't, then users will face an error when trying to install a specific update. Users are to uninstall the suite, apply a hotfix, and then re-install Office. When we did it, we merely chose the repair option when Office brought up an error.

Just recently, Microsoft revealed that the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview will launch next month. The company also plans to talk about the consumer experience during a press event held on Wednesday, January 21. The event will be streamed online and include members of the Operating Systems Group as well as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Consumers interested in getting into the Insider Program can head here. A Windows account is required as well as a valid copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. In return for the early access, participants are encouraged to provide feedback by using a special app on the Start screen. After that, they'll receive the latest builds as they're released.

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  • sunflier
    Um, no cross-contamination for me. thanks. I will ALWAYS start from scratch when new versions are released. Yeah, it will take little more work but I want the CLEANEST install possible with NO residual.
  • BaronMatrix
    For me it's still NO AERO, NO DEAL... I hate searching for colors that don't disappear when you overlap windows...

    The drop shadow makes it simple to choose windows...

    And AERO looks Modern while Modern looks antique...
  • nonotz
    umm.. no thanks ... i'll stay with win 7