MSI readies three new NVIDIA 6100-integrated boards

DigiTimes is reporting this morning that manufacturer MSI has introduced three new motherboards based on NVIDIA's newly-unveiled 6100-series integrated chipsets.

Following the product announcement of Nvidia's GeForce 6100-series integrated graphics processors (GPUs), Micro-Star International (MSI) unveiled three K8-compatible motherboards - the GeForce 6150/6100-based K8NPVM2/K8NGM2 for AMD Socket-939 CPUs, the 6100-based K8NGM-V for AMD Socket-754 processors and the K8N Diamond Plus, featuring Nvidia's nForce4 SLI (scalable link interface) dual-graphics chipset for the AMD Socket-939 platform.

DigiTimes' report includes pictures of all three units with technical specifications, and also features the latest financial figures for MSI.