Can The Murderbox Play Crysis? It Should for $20K

Typically we try not to cater to just one particular brand (because we love everyone), but gaming site Kotaku points to a monster liquid-cooled PC that most of us (poor folks) will probably never see in our lifetime, especially maxed out to its full potential. Even Jack Thompson would agree, the murderbox earns its name honestly, packing killer hardware that can soar up to $20,000, seemingly murdering your bank account while playing Crysys 2 like a bat out of hell. A flaming bat, I might add.

"The pure fusion of power and beauty, murderbox ascends to assert its place atop the high-end PC platform with a unique and bold statement," reads the product description. "Murderbox exploits the very latest advancements in computer technology while employing classic design cues derived from a simple, elegant concept of form balanced with function. We offer the ultimate in high performance, custom-crafted computers - machines built without compromise for those accepting only the best."

The scary part about the murderbox is that the manufacturer isn't divulging any specs on the website-- sales are established only by submitting an email inquiry. However, the company reveals that the starting price is at $6,000 and goes up from there, depending on the amount of customization.

"A well appointed murderbox with a single liquid cooling loop, GPU and a few drives typically comes in around the $7,000USD mark while something on the level of Daniel's 008 build is in the neighborhood of 2-3x that. Every murderbox is executed to perfection – it really comes down to degrees of 'ultimate,'" the company adds.

One of the many gallery images shows the aforementioned 008 build, sporting the Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition CPU, two Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 cards in SLI, 12 GB of DDR3 HyperX memory, and three 160 GB Intel X25-M SSDs in RAID/0. More images can be accessed here showcasing additional murderbox models. The official murderbox FAQ can be accessed here, and interested buyers can contact the manufacturer using this email address.

  • internetlad
    But, can it play cr. . . oh nvm.
  • kjsfnkwl
    Excuse me, "Crysys 2"?
  • dontcrosthestreams
    out of date and overpriced, put together ones own computer...
  • rohitbaran
    Crysis 2? Crysis is more taxing and frankly, it still looks better to me than the sequel, which is a watered down consolified game.
  • jonainpdx
    So the least expencive is $6K and that comes with 2 GTX 285's. Right, ok. Sounds like a huge rip off to me.
  • davewolfgang
    I'm sure a "new" one could get the new Sandy Bridge and a couple paired up GTX 560's, 580's or AMD's 6970's.

    If I had the money to waste............
  • aznguy0028
    i7 975.. in the age of i5 2500/2600k and upcoming SB-E
    GTX 285 .. in the age of GTX 590 and ATI 6990.. thanks
  • rohitbaran
    Anyway, the computer seems to be seriously overpriced. The hardware is old and for the price, one could add 2 CPUs of the same kind on an EVGA classified moterboard.
  • kingssman
    wow 6k for watercooled? makes me wanna consider the liquid cooled macpro. Yea they're liquid cooled ya know.
  • snurp85
    how can it cost 20k?!?!? even with a 50% markup on parts...
    mobo: 300
    core i7-2600K: 300
    24 gigs ram: 400
    quad SLI GTX590's: 3000
    four 256gb SSD's: 2000
    two 1500W power supplies: 800
    water cooling: 300-500ish
    Case: 200

    even with allllll of that,thatd only cost $7500.

    what a ripoff.