Mushkin Essentials DDR4 Memory Will Do The Job (Without Style Points)

One of the most surprising things about the new X99 platform is that while the performance looks attractive, when it comes to memory we get most excited over DDR4 kits that might be more affordable. Ironic, isn't it?

Anyway, Mushkin has announced its Essentials DDR4 modules, which as their name indicates, are simply bare and basic DDR4 DIMMs that will get the job done. These memory modules do not come with a fancy heatsink or a slick black PCB, instead sporting that stripped-down green PCB. (Of course, since Mushkin's company color is green, you can always pin the PCB color choice on that rather than affordability.)

Being a product lineup where low cost is key, Mushkin has only made two different types of DIMMs, a 4 GB 2133 MHz module and an 8 GB 2133 MHz module. Both have CL15 latencies.

As for kit choices, there will be a total of six. Each of the above DIMMs will be available in packages of one, two or four DIMMs, creating kits ranging in capacities from 4 GB through 32 GB.

We've reached out to Mushkin for information on pricing but have yet to hear back. Hopefully, we're right in suspecting that these will be on the more affordable side of DDR4 memory kits coming to the market.

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  • tom10167
    An article specifically about a low-cost product that doesn't say what the cost is. lol
  • memadmax
    I long for high performance RAM that doesn't include all the crap like LED's, "designer" heat sinks, etc etc...

    All I want is a few sticks of RAM that are gonna kickas... Not carry on some fad...

    It sits inside my case, why in the world would I need LED's for???

    Frickin kids these days...

  • christinebcw
    Mema, ya mean you don't want NASCAR logo'ing possibilities as you drive RAM sticks around the track?!!

    (One day, someone's gonna slip you a USB shrink-ray stick and you'll be teleported inside your case. You'll end up like Grant Williams, battling kitty-cats and spiders with pins and needles, only to get sucked into all the various fans! THEN you'll be sorry you don't have LEDs, lighting your way!!)