Nextbit's Cloud-First Robin Smartphone Available For Pre-Order, Shipping February

Scratches Case

Nextbit recently ran a rather successful Kickstarter campaign for its Robin smartphone, which uses cloud storage for more than just backing up data. The Robin intelligently stores things that aren't used often, such as older apps, in addition to storing pictures and other media. We covered the phone extensively in September when the campaign was first funded. Now you can pre-order Robin directly from Nextbit.

The Robin smartphone is available for $399 and will ship worldwide. Shipping is not included in the price, though. Costs will vary from country to country, but in the U.S., shipping is $25.

Bruises Case
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LocationShipping Fees
MY and TW$42.00
SG and TH$49.00
Everywhere Else$95.00

Nextbit is also offering several accessories for the Robin smartphone. We noted in our first report that the Stretch Goal for raising $1 million would be an included quick charger. For that $399 price, the phone does not include a quick charger. Nextbit assumes that you would already have one but offers an optional $10 charger if needed, which is available in four different plug variants.

Nextbit is also offering a screen protector and three different types of cases for the phone. The Scratches Case is a thin, translucent plastic case that is meant to protect the phone from scratches while leaving the design of the phone itself completely visible.

Bumps Case

The Bumps Case is meant to take a bit more wear and tear. It comes in four different colors: Fog, Sky, Sunset and Midnight. The Bruises Case is a more rugged case made of thicker plastic. It has rubber end caps designed to take a bigger impact.

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Scratches Case$15.00
Bumps Case$25.00
Bruises Case$35.00
Screen Protector$10.00
Quick Charger A (US/Japan)$10.00
Quick Charger I (AUS/NZ)$10.00
Quick Charger C (EU)$10.00
Quick Charger G (UK)$10.00

Pre-orders can be placed through Nextbit's website. The company said shipments for pre-orders will start in February 2016, which is the same window Kickstarter backers should see their Robin smartphones, too.

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