Noctua Partners with Drop, Releases Brown Cherry MX Keycaps

Noctua Keycaps
(Image credit: Drop)

Noctua has collaborated with Drop to create a new keycap set designed to fit Cherry MX switches. The keycaps come in Noctua's brown and white theme, which are perfect for Noctua enthusiasts, and feature a variety of configurations to suit a multitude of keyboard designs. Pre-orders are now open, with pricing starting at $115 (discounted right now from $130) for the base keycap set.

The base keycap set will come with everything you need if you are using a United States standardized keyboard layout, including a couple of extra keycaps for best compatibility with multiple keyboard layouts. With the kit, you'll also get Noctua's novelty keycap set combined with the regular set of keycaps. These come with Noctua's logo and some of its fan designs imprinted on the keycaps.

Besides the base keycap set, you can also order dedicated Numpad keycaps separately for 10-key keyboards and many other configurations, including ISO UK keycaps, Colevrak keycaps, and Ortho keycaps for more unique keyboards (and for keyboards designed for other countries).

All the keycap sets come with both Noctua brown and white colors, complimentary of Noctua's own design language on its fans. Generally, most of the outer edge keys consist of the brown color. Meanwhile, all the keys in the middle consist of Noctua's white color.

Again these keycaps are designed to fit onto Cherry MX cherry switches; however, they can also fit onto any clones you might have as well.

Aaron Klotz
Contributing Writer

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  • hotaru251
    Not gonna lie....that color scheme actually works on keyboard.
  • hannibal
    Chocolate and toffee. Works very well!
  • munkee_zero
    Needs a mouse (and chassis) to match the colour scheme.