Logitech intros Photoshop add-on navigation tool

Mastering Adobe's Photoshop does not only require users to understand the complexity of available functions, but also an often long learning process how to use the software's tools efficiently. Logitech today introduced a new navigation device that is designed to complement the mouse in using the Photoshop CS2 package.

Approximately the size and shape of half a tennis ball, is designed to be used by the " non-mousing hand," as Logitech describes it. It integrates a circular touch sensitive dial that enables users to adjust option values in active features. A "moveable rubber-like ring" at the base of the device, which is named "NuLooq," base allows designers to easily navigate images and documents. Additional embedded buttons can call up frequently used functions.

The NuLooq device is priced at $150 and currently only supports the Mac versions of the Creative Suite CS2, Illustrator CS2, Indesign CS2 and Photoshop CS2. The interface software, included with the navigation unit, can be purchased separately for $50.