Nvidia's Latest Driver Is Game Ready For 'Titanfall 2' And 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition'

Just like AMD, Nvidia released its latest WHQL-certified graphics driver. But Team Green’s new driver wasn’t made specifically to repair an issue with a single game: Instead, it’s another installment of the long-running “Game Ready” drivers.

Specifically, the driver affects games that came out today, such as Titanfall 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. However, it also covers two games that will come out in a few weeks: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and Dishonored 2.

In terms of virtual reality, the driver is also crucial for those who want to play Obduction in VR when it launches on Halloween. We tried Obduction in VR earlier this year, and it showed some promise with its "Node Mode" locomotion system paired with the game's visually stunning scenery.

Even with a new driver, there are still some lingering graphics issues on some games across multiple versions of the Windows OS. Check the full list in the release notes to see if your favorite game is affected.

If you want to download the driver, you can get it from Nvidia’s drivers page or from the GeForce Experience app.

  • jackt
    Can you play Skyrim in VR ? Would be great ! And why theyr not makeing a new elder sroll ???
  • Bem-xxx
    nvidia evga geforce 1070 1080 in flame

  • zthomas
    nvidia loading up drivers.. man two in a row.. within days of each other
  • Jeff Fx
    The reviews of Skyrim Special Edition on Steam mention that it's no big improvement if you've already installed 3rd party patches to improve Skyrim, but for someone who had just played the original game, then moved on, it's a huge jump in quality. All the jagged edges are gone. It looks beautiful.
  • d_kuhn
    It's not... I got it for free because I have all the skyrim content so I installed it. Compared to my base game ENB setup it's basically a wash (ENB better here, new version better there) - BUT its (IMO) still worth switching because being 64bit I expect it to have more options long term - AND I'm hopeful that enough of the mod'ing community will add new content to kick it up a few notches. And finally... my base game install is fairly stable but still crashes occasionally because of the crazy number of mods installed, many to improve graphics. Should be fewer graphics mods required now.
  • AngeleJR
    I have been playing Skyrim Special Edition ever since it came out and one thing I can say, is that the game is very stable! I have not had one single crash ever since. My game is even going up to 110+ FPS and I'm not having any problems with physics. Also, the retarded shadows have been fixed as well. This was one of the most annoying thing on Skyrim. No matter how much beast of rig you have, you'll still have those annoying jaggy shadows. I'm just glad that they fixed that for this version.
    The updated engine that allowed this game to be ported over to 64 bit should also allow us players to mod the shit out of this game lol.
  • reza666
    And their latest driver like the one before had a irritating bug:

    Even the fixed version dont work. Going past 120Hz creates banding on the monitor.