Nvidia Releases GeForce Driver 391.35 For ‘Far Cry 5’

Everyone wants their graphics card to support the latest-and-greatest titles as soon as they're released, which is why both AMD and Nvidia are making at-launch compatibility a priority with their driver development. To that end, after the red team released its newest driver yesterday, the green team released its own driver with a grab bag of improvements and bug fixes.

GeForce Driver 391.35’s big change is bringing baseline compatibility and improved performance for Far Cry 5, which was released today. Other gaming-related changes include added SLI profiles for GRIP and WRC 7 and a fix for Diablo IIIrunning on SLI systems. As for Nvidia’s driver-related features, 391.35 fixes a memory leak in Freestyle, the company’s game post-processing feature, and resolves a serious-sounding situation for notebook GPUs wherein which the driver “may fail to initialize the GPU.” The new driver also comes with a list of security fixes, which are listed in the full change notes.

We’ve copied change notes, minus the security fixes, below. As usual, you can download the newest Nvidia GeForce Driver for your system from Nvidia’s website or via GeForce Experience.

Game ReadyProvides the optimal gaming experience for 'Far Cry 5.'Application SLI ProfilesAdded or updated the following SLI profiles:GRIPWRC 73D Vision ProfilesAdded or updated the following 3D Vision profiles:'Far Cry' - Not recommended'GRIP' - Excellent'The Talos Principle' - ExcellentFixed Issues in this ReleaseGeForce 3D Profile Manager tool can't import profiles. [2076480][GeForce Experience]: Memory leak occurs leading to poor game performance when using NVIDIA Freestyle. [2068039][NVIDIA Control Panel][SLI][Diablo III]: With V-Sync on and SLI enabled, the game freezes after switching windows (ALT+TAB) a few times. [1951584][Notebook]: The driver may fail to initialize the GPU. [200354056]

  • valeman2012
    The most important parts (that was left out) was 5 security vulnerabilities were patched in this drivers update.
    Over the years, Nvidia was the clear choice over AMD. As of 2018 is that still true?
  • ghosttouch1337
    and far cry 5 is crashing with this driver, your forgot to mention that ? or they left that part out to ?