Nvidia Teases Special New Release Tomorrow

Looking for a hot new GPU to push your Crysis 2 pixels? Then you'll want to stay tuned tomorrow morning as Nvidia will be taking the wraps off a new product.

Nvidia's teasing the entire thing with a video (embedded below) but all you guys will have to do is make a stop to Tom's Hardware for your morning reading and you'll get the full scoop!

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  • Ndogg012
    Anyone else notice the URL for this page? :)
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  • techseven
    Wow, another graphics card to choose from, I'm so happy!
    finally doing dual gpu in single card form ( spoiler alert )
  • RipperjackAU
    Ahhh. All this waiting. Nvidia is being the cock-tease fluffer of the video graphics industry of late. Stroking it long and hard, but just enough so you don't come... yet.