Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black Has Fully-enabled GK110 Core

Nvidia has launched its GTX Titan Black graphics card. The GTX Titan Black is a GK110-based graphics card, similar to the original GTX Titan, but rather with a fully-enabled GK110 core.

The fully-enabled GK110 core features all 15 SMX units enabled, making for a CUDA core count of 2880 cores.

Nvidia has equipped the card with a base GPU clock speed of 889 MHz, while it has a Boost 2.0 frequency of 980 MHz.  On the card users will find 6 GB of GDDR5 memory, accessed over a 384-bit wide memory interface, and running at an effective speed of 7.0 GHz. The card will still carry the same 250 W TDP.

The specifications of the card might appear to resemble the GTX 780 Ti, however, the Titan cards carry double the amount of graphics memory, and have a much higher double-point precision performance. This makes the card more interesting to developers rather than gamers, as for gamers there would be little-to-no benefit, while it will cost more. Therefore, Nvidia has also not sent out units for reviewing, as gaming results would be almost identical to that of the GTX 780 Ti.

Cooling of the card is achieved by Nvidia's NVTTM cooler, but rather than the text showing GTX 780 Ti, it will simply read TITAN. To distinguish the GTX Titan Black from the original GTX Titan, you'll have to look for the black lettering as well as the black fin array under the Plexiglas cover.

The card will come to shelves soon, and will carry an MSRP price of $999.

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  • anthony8989
    Does this mean the price for the regular titan will be reduced?
  • colinstu
    Does this mean the price for the regular titan will be reduced?
    It means the price of the old one will stay the same until all inventory of it is gone. Try finding one online... very little stock of it is left anyway.
  • renz496
    Anonymous said:
    Does this mean the price for the regular titan will be reduced?

    no. this will replace the original titan directly.