Report: Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z Delayed

Rumor on the web has it that the GTX Titan Z will not be released today (April 29), unlike past reports have indicated.

The dual-GPU graphics card from Nvidia is rumored to have been delayed, partially thanks to the release of AMD's Radeon R9 295X2. The reason that the R9 295X2 has been the cause for Nvidia's delay is likely the harsh reality that it is a faster graphics card, and Nvidia wishes to build a card that is able to compete better, at least from a gaming standpoint, which is very understandable. If a gamer is to buy the GTX Titan Z, he or she will expect it to at least be able to perform on-par, if not better than the R9 295X2, especially considering that AMD's option only costs half as much.

As far as we're concerned, if this rumor is true, it's not such a bad thing that the release of the GTX Titan Z is postponed. If Nvidia is to use this time to go back to the drawing board and slap a bit of sense into this card, it'll probably be worth it.

At this point, the best Nvidia can do is raise the card's clock speeds and consequentially the card's performance. Hand in hand with this though, there will also be a higher TDP. The GPUs cannot be further unlocked as they are already set to both be fully unlocked GK110 parts, and the memory has also already been specified at 12 GB, giving each GPU 6 GB to play with.

All of this is still uncertain, though. There could be a handful of other reasons why the card might be delayed, so do be sure to take the above with a grain of salt. Who knows? The card might just get released in the next few hours.

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  • de5_Roy
    amd's dual hawaii has caught nvidia with it's pants down. if titan z is really delayed, it's due to amd's pricing as well as the 295x2 card design.
  • boju
    Monsters do get scared after all :D
  • anthony8989
    I think the only way that Nvidia can come out of this on top is if they release the GTX 790 using dual Maxwell processor s. If they can put out a dual card that equals or betters the 295x2 on air cooling with half the wattage requirements - they can call it a technical win. Other wise they lose this round .