Report: Nvidia GTX Titan-Z to Hit Retail April 29

The Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan-Z is a monstrous graphics card that is expected to carry a monstrous price tag of $2999 in the US. Unfortunately, that price excludes taxes, which will make the final cost for the unit even higher. A report on the Japanese website Hermitage Akihabara indicates that the card might cost about 400,000¥ there including taxes. At the time of writing this translates to a devastating $3907.

For European customers we often find that the US price excluding taxes is what Europeans pay including taxes, meaning that Europeans will have to part ways from approximately €2999 for the card. This translates to about $4150 incl VAT. This is often a worst-case scenario, though. The card is reportedly going to make its arrival to retail on April 29, so we'll find out for sure in just a few days.

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  • c123456
    Might want to fix the currencies in this article.
  • gsxrme
    Proof Read!? na...
  • Quarkzquarkz
    so in other words, the GTX 690 is still better? =(