Nvidia Outs Beta Driver to Fix Overclocking Bug

Last week we found out from Nvidia that a driver bug held back some functionality of overclocking control panels for those who like the tweak the clock speeds of their GeForce GPUs.

Nvidia today rolled out its fixed drivers, but rather than waiting for any WHQL certification, the graphics company put them out in a beta form.

Grab them from the links below if you like to be the master of your clock speeds.

GeForce/Ion Driver 196.34 beta for Windows 7/Vista 32-bit
GeForce/Ion Driver 196.34 beta for Windows 7/Vista 64-bit
GeForce/Ion Driver 196.34 beta for Windows XP 32-bit
GeForce/Ion Driver 196.34 beta for Windows XP 64-bit

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  • crazymech
    Can't believe you guys. nVidia pressed out a driver as fast as they could to make sure the peoples problems were fixed, you should praise them for that. I'm sure they can push out Fermi right now aswell, it's just that availability will suck because not that many are produced yet, and there's probably still driver issues.
    Rather wait 1 month longer for a real quality product, than to wait 1 month less for a crap product.

    We all know people are never happy anyways.
  • masterjaw
    ^ Renaming cards? yes they should stop.

    But in the case of drivers, it should be updated regularly to deal with bugs and fixes plus support for new games.
  • Other Comments
  • fatkid35
    and still no fermi.................
  • claudeb
  • jennyh
    You must be kidding surely. Don't Nvidia make perfect drivers?