RTX 2080 Super Benchmark Submission Reveals Modest Performance Gains

Photo credit: Final Fantasy XV BenchmarkPhoto credit: Final Fantasy XV Benchmark

It's been over two weeks since Nvidia launched its RTX 2060 Super and 2070 Super GPUs, but Nvidia still has one left to launch: The 2080 Super. We heard about all of these GPUs in June from publications that specialize in leaks like Videocardz, and so far most of those leaks and predictions have panned out. It's not surprising then that we're finally seeing some benchmarks of the 2080 Super, which is to launch on the 23rd at $699.

The benchmark submission in question comes from the Final Fantasy XV Benchmark database, which has listed other pre-release GPUs in the past. While the 2060 Super and 2070 Super were significantly faster than their predecessors, the 2080 Super only scored 8% higher than the original 2080 in the FFXV benchmark. The 2080 Ti clearly remains the fastest GPU for gaming, being about 14% faster than the 2080 Super in this benchmark.

A Geekbench result for the 2080 Super was also found, and the performance difference between the 2080 Super and the original 2080 is similar to what we see in the leaked FFXV benchmark. Geekbench also reports that the 2080 Super will have the full 3072 CUDA cores of the TU104 die the 2080 is based on (as was rumored) and a maximum frequency of 1.81 GHz (it should be noted however that benchmarks like Geekbench aren't always entirely accurate at reporting clock speed).

Those hoping for a 2080 Ti replacement for less will be disappointed, however, at the MSRP of $699, the 2080 Super is a much more compelling purchase than the original 2080 which has an MSRP of $799 and slightly lower performance. It's disappointing Nvidia did not launch the original 20-series with these specifications, but better late than never. 

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  • ingtar33
    There is a price to being an early adopter and a price to not being one.

    Just buy it
  • namtrooper
    There is a price to being an early adopter and a price to not being one. Just buy it

    Excellent advice. Just buy it!
  • Questors
    There is a price to being an early adopter and a price to not being one. Just buy it

    Definitely a price to early adopt anything from Nvidia these days. The price is stupidity. No one learned from the Ti/Titan/Titan screw overs of the last few GPU generations/refreshes?

    It's even more of a fool and his money shall soon part scenario when the price of ray tracing is taken into account. It wasn't a thing at launch and is still not a thing after a refresh screwing. What amazes me is, at first sales of RTX were slow, as really it should have been. Now suddenly they add a bit of held back performance to increase sales and challenge AMDs GPU launch and they are being hailed as savoir of the world and champion of the people.

    Great job tech press. Jensen dropped his pants and darn near all of them fell to their knees for it.

    Some are hoping AMD brings "it" with GPUs. That would be great. Some are hoping Intel brings "it" with GPUs. They are pretty much like Nvidia as a company. I pray for another entity, a fourth player, with just a smidgen of integrity. Too much to hope for? Ah, forget hope, just buy it.