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Nvidia Now Shipping Tegra K1-Powered Jetson TK1

Itching to get your hands on Nvidia's Jetson TK1? Nvidia's Will Park announced on Thursday that the board is finally shipping, and will be available at Newegg or Microcenter for $192 USD. Dubbed as the first supercomputer for developing embedded applications and devices, the kit contains the board, an AC adapter with power cord, a USB cable for flashing, and a quick start guide.

"Jetson TK1 is a great development platform for computer vision and CUDA applications for robotics, medicine, security, automotive, and defense applications, among others," he writes.

At the heart of this development board is the new Kepler-based Tegra K1, which was revealed earlier this year. The chip is packed with 192 CUDA cores that can be used for general purpose processing when not in use for graphics rendering, delivering more than 300 Gigaflops of computing power. The Tegra K1 is also Nvidia's first mobile chip that is CUDA capable.

"All of Tegra K1's power can be unlocked with CUDA, the same pervasive, easy-to-use parallel processing platform used on Kepler-powered workstations and supercomputers," Park writes.

The board itself was introduced during Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference in March. In addition to the Tegra K1, the board also includes 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, one half mini-PCIe slot, one full size SD/MMC connector, and a full size HDMI port. The board also provides one USB 2.0 port (micro AB), one USB 3.0 port (A), one RS232 serial port, one ALC5639 Realtek Audio codec with Mic in and Line out, one RTL8111GS Realtek GigE LAN port, one SATA data port, and an SPI 4 MByte boot flash.

On the software side, the board includes Linux for Tegra, a modified version of Ubuntu 14.04 provided by Nvidia. There's also the Board Support Package and software stack, including OpenGL 4.4, as well as CUDA and the VisionWorks toolkit. There's even out-of-the-box support for cameras and other peripherals. Nvidia's partner support networking including Avionic Design, GE Intelligent Platforms, ICD, SECO and Toshiba DME.

Park says the new kit is ideal for robotics, medicine, security, automotive, and defense applications, among others. For more information about the new kit, head here (pdf).