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Nvidia Releases Game Ready Driver For Oculus Rift, 'Dark Souls III'

When Nvidia releases a new "Game Ready" driver, it's usually for a single, high-profile game. But its latest driver covers VR devices as well as a collection of new titles coming out over the next few weeks.

With today being the launch day of the Oculus Rift, Nvidia's latest driver—version 364.72—is optimized for the VR HMD. In addition, it also includes support for new VR titles such as Elite: Dangerous, Chronos and EVE: Valkyrie. The new driver version also includes improved support for the HTC Vive.

For those that don't own a VR headset, the latest driver also includes support for a short list of upcoming games such as Killer Instinct, which comes out tomorrow on the Xbox One and PC as a free-to-play title (although you will have to pay to buy additional characters). There's also support for Quantum Break, which launches next week, and the driver also adds an SLI profile for the highly-anticipated Dark Souls III. Finally, Nvidia's latest driver is also optimized for Epic Games' Paragon, even though it's still considered to be in Early Access.

With the Vive coming out next week, it's probable that Nvidia will have another Game Ready driver available next week. You can download the driver from the GeForce Experience app or Nvidia's download page.

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