NZXT Introduces Two New Prebuilt Ranges Targeting Streamers and SFF

NZXT Prebuilt System
(Image credit: NZXT)

NZXT, a company well known for its PC components and peripherals, entered the pre-built PC scene not so long ago. NZXT has decided to expand its pre-built line-up  of Streamer and Mini PC families with Base, Plus and Pro options.

Starting with the Streamer PC family, NZXT has decided to create a PC that would represent a perfect fit for every content creator out there, or as its name suggests, a perfect fit for streamers. As the company itself notes: "The Streaming PC is built for quality, entry-level streams. It's an excellent build for multi-tasking, editing, and video rendering."

The Streamer PC is powered by AMD's Ryzen 5 5600X processor with 6 cores and 12 threads, that can boost up to 4.6 GHz. To pair with the CPU choice, each Streaming PC version includes 16 GB of DDR4 memory running in dual channel configuration with 3000 MHz speed. For storage, there is a 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen 3 M.2 SSD. All of these components are housed on a B550 ATX motherboard. The difference between the Streaming base model, Plus, and Pro SKUs is the graphics card it ships with.

In the base model, you get Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, while the Plus model ships with RTX 3070. The Pro model is offering the strongest solution in form of an RTX 3090 graphics card. Pricing for the base, Plus, and Pro models is $1,599, $1,999, and $2,999, respectively.

Next up is the H1 Mini PC series of NZXT pre-built desktops powered by Intel's Comet Lake or Rocket Lake processors, depending on the SKU. Each of the three (base model, Plus model, and Pro model) SKUs are designed around a 13-liter enclosure that offers a small form factor gaming solution.

In the H1 Mini PC, there is also a dual-channel 16 GB DDR4-3000 MHz memory, complemented by 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD. The only difference between the three models is the choice of CPU and GPU. In the base model, you get Intel's Comet Lake design in form of a Core i5-10400F processor. That is paired with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1660 Super GPU and all housed on a Z590I ITX motherboard. In the Plus SKU, you are getting an Intel Core i7-10700K Tray processor with GeForce RTX 3060 graphics, while the Pro SKU offers Intel Core i9-11900K CPU and GeForce RTX 3070 GPU. For pricing, NZXT offers base, Plus, and Pro models for $1,399, $1,799, and $2,499, respectively.

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