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Oculus Adds Touch Controller Calibration To Oculus App Installation Process

Oculus is gearing up for the consumer release of its hotly anticipated "Touch" VR motion controllers. The company said that Touch will reach customers' hands this year, though we have to wait until Oculus Connect 3 in October to get the full details. There have been signs that point to a possible December launch, but the latest software update may suggest otherwise.

Oculus regularly pushes updates out to its Oculus App, and most of the time, the changes are minor. A recent update added support for up to four IR sensors, suggesting that some form of room-scale support is in the works–at least for developers. Unlike most of the Oculus app updates, version actually takes you through the setup and calibration process all over again, and during the install, you’ll encounter a Touch calibration section.

The Touch controller setup can be skipped, which is important because only developers have access to the hardware right now. If you decide to continue the setup instead of skipping, you’ll be asked to pair the left controller. Cancelling at this point will trip an error message about hardware not being present, but the installation will continue anyway.

Oculus Connect 3 is still two months away, though, and Touch won’t be available publicly before the event. Perhaps Oculus is gearing up to send out review samples? Or maybe the company just wants to make sure that Touch software is ready to go way ahead of time, so it’s giving developers access to the public installer. Either way, it seems curious to add Touch to the default installation process this early.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • problematiq
    Nice, nice.. now all the Oculus users need is the actual controllers.
  • Jeff Fx
    18426083 said:
    Nice, nice.. now all the Oculus users need is the actual controllers.

    I can't believe that the company that led this wave of VR is taking this long to catch up with the Vive. Vive owners have been playing real VR games for months now, while Rift users are stuck with 90s-style controller-based gaming.
  • jaber2
    Its the fast that eats the slow, not the big eating the small. slow to market you end up playing catch up even though you thought you had all the game devalopers writing games for you, those same game devalopers can switch at an instance without any loyalty to you
  • bit_user
    Weird. At the top of the Samsung Z-NAND article (,32462.html), the comment link jumps to the comments of this article, which is just below it.
  • cloud-envy
    With both HMDs soon having motion controls, I hope to see some good programs/games. I'm real sick of games like "Battle Dome" and "Armed Against the Undead".