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What You May Have Missed From Oculus Connect 4

This week is Oculus’ annual developer conference, and we were on the ground in San Jose covering all the Oculus Connect 4 announcements, busily digging around for more information. Keep this page bookmarked for all our coverage from the event.

Oculus started the event with a slew of announcements, including not one, but two untethered standalone HMDs, and we’ve outlined everything we know about them: the Oculus Go and the (still a prototype) Project Santa Cruz.

The existing Oculus Rift and Touch controller bundle got a permanent price drop, which officially brings a striking price parity to the high-end HMD market.

Oculus also unveiled a completely revised, Touch controller-friendly UI for the Rift (called Dash) within its larger Rift Core 2.0 update, and of course there are several new games and experiences coming for the platform, as well, including a title from Respawn Entertainment. Further, with the reveal of “Venues,” Oculus (and its parent, Facebook) has made clear its vision for how VR could change live events like sports and concerts.

Below is a link dump for your convenience, but there’s more coming. Stay tuned.

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