New Camouflaged Memory Emerges From OCZ


Sunnyvale (CA) - If you cannot imagine your wardrobe without at least one camouflaged vest or jacket, you might want to know that OCZ just released its DDR3 version of camouflaged memory, known as Special Ops edition.

Special Ops modules are regular performance modules sporting XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heat spreaders in camouflage colors. Modules are geared to giving that little extra to otherwise plain-vanilla DDR3 modules at speeds of 1.06 GHz (PC3-8500) and 1.33 GHz (PC3-10666). Latencies are CL9-9-9-27, and is available as single 1GB and 2GB modules, and 2GB/4GB dual-channel optimized kits.

OCZ still honors its warranty if you over-volt the memory (EVP), and these modules are guaranteed to work at 1.75V. All in all, these are interesting products for gamers who can’t imagine their life without Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, etc. You can see more details here.