OCZ expands into peripherals, offers gaming mouse

Sunnyvale (CA) - Performance memory maker OCZ is moving beyond its core business of gaming memory and power supply units. Following the recent introduction of a high-end graphics card, the company today announced a gaming mouse with a "triple-threat-button."

In online gaming, it's all about getting every advantage you get to knock out your competitors. OCZ says that its debut gaming mouse has at least two features that will provide gamers an edge on high-resolution screens and first-person shooters.

The equalizer mouse supports a resolution of 2500 dpi, which, according to the manufacturer, "optimizes the fluidity of gameplay on high resolution LCDs." A unique feature is a "triple-threat" button that is painted in red color and stands out like a fire button on those mid-1990s Quickshot joysticks. Positioned to the left of the scroll-wheel, the button allows gamers to fire three rounds with just one click, increasing the chance to hit a target on the first try. In everyday applications, the button is "turning double-click operations, such as opening files and applications, into just one-touch commands," OCZ said.

The company said that the Equalizer mouse should be available in online stores by next Monday for a price of about $50.