Get Some Free Gaming on OnLive This Halloweekend

OnLive has taken four games and making them free to play through All Hallows Eve. From now through Monday, October 31st at Midnight, PDT, games Amnesia: The Dark Descent, F.E.A.R 3, Metro 2033, and Orcs Must Die will all be absolutely free to play on OnLive, both in the U.S. and the UK. In addition, as a special bonus, if you Like OnLive on Facebook you can play a fifth mystery game which will be announced on Halloween!

"There’s a little something for everyone during OnLive’s Free-Play Halloweekend and the best part is we’re giving everyone free access to four terrific games all weekend long," said Matt Jensen, OnLive Community Manager. "Whether it’s horror, FPS, multiplayer or action that you’re looking for, play for free on us, and make sure you ‘Like’ us on Facebook because we’re making a fifth game available on Halloween that will be free to play all day and night."

If you'd prefer to game locally instead, using your own CPU and GPU power, check out the Halloween Steam sale.

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  • soccerdocks
    I just tried playing a few of these free games and its absolutely terrible. The mouse jumps around a bunch while aiming. All the terrain is extremely fuzzy. I couldn't stand playing for more than 2 minutes.
  • bobusboy
    So I just tested it out; load times were short (surprisingly short) and gameplay was relatively smooth. Addendum: Load times were short compared to loading metro on DX11 high settings, when I play on low it loads just as fast or faster than onlive did.


    My 6790 renders metro 2033 on high DX11 at the same frame rate as onlive was rendering it on dx9 low. That is pretty poor performance for a company touting their product as the next best thing comming down the pipe.

    Additionally; you have ZERO control over the grapics, those options are removed from the game's options menu. WTF.

    Even Orcs must die was rendering low res. And stuttered a little.

    And I have a good connection 8down/1up
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  • ikyung
    Wow. Nice.
  • alhanelem
    no thanks, not interested in 'cloud' gaming or any free gimmick trying to get 'likes' on facebook.
    Like im THAT dumb to not see what they are trying to do....
  • phatboe
    alhanelemno thanks, not interested in 'cloud' gaming or any free gimmick trying to get 'likes' on facebook.Like im THAT dumb to not see what they are trying to do....

    You don't like that they are trying to increase business? Don't complain about things that are free. If you don't like it don't use it.