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New Mac Clones From Offshore

A PC company called Open Tech this week announced that it would follow in Psystar’s foot steps and sell Apple Mac clones. The kicker here is that Open Tech does not pre-install Leopard onto its computers. Simply put, the outfit’s PC is just a standard clone with instructions on how to install Mac OS X Leopard.

We visited Open Tech’s website at and found that the company is located in Tokelau, a territory belonging to New Zealand with the website itself being hosted in the Netherlands. According to our research, Open Tech’s website doesn’t offer anything for sale, and the store is completely empty, with all items listed as coming soon.

Looking through its offerings, Open Tech shows off two systems, the Open Tech Computer 1.0 and the Open Tech XT, each going for $620 USD and $1200 USD respectively. Unfortunately, no pictures are shown of the computers except for their generic cases.

On the store front, all the components listed are one per category. For example, there’s only one hard drive for sale, and it’s listed as "Internal 500GB Hard-drive" without any description of the product itself. Instead, Open Tech says that the drive holds "1066 action-packed games." We’re not quite sure what games Open Tech is going by, but it definitely isn’t any game in recent history. Using Open Tech’s metric, customers will only be able to install games that are roughly 400 MB large.

At this time, no orders can be placed on anything listed on Open Tech’s website. According to research, .tk websites are notorious for hosting scam related websites. Buying a PC in the U.S. from a company located in the Netherlands or in New Zealand, sounds like something users should be very cautious about.

Mac cloner Psystar is now feeling immense legal pressure from Apple, despite previously saying that it would do anything to "help" Apple out with sales. Recently, Psystar listed its office building for sale, after Apple filed a number of suits against Psystar. With Open Tech running its operations overseas, it all feels like murky waters from here on out.