Organic battery to enable backups during power failures

Yokyo - NEC is working on a small organic radical battery for desktop PC, that can keep a computer running during power outages. The device will be able to provide enough juice to enable data backups and minimize the risk of losing valuable work.

In times of rolling blackouts or if you live in an area like me, where power disappears as soon as the weather changes, backup power is becoming a standard equipment for office and even home PCs. Not always is a bulky backup power unit the ideal solution, especially in tight places. NEC has come up with a new battery solution, that won't replace your common power supply, but can give you a peace of mind that at least the data of current projects you are working on are saved.

The company said it is developing a high-power organic radical battery (ORB) in a size and weight of a typical cellphone battery (55 x 43 x 4 mm; 88 grams) and able to deliver a maximum power of 35 watts. According to NEC, the common office PC consumes an average of 96 watts and a maximum of 228 watts. Connect four rechargeable ORB cells for a total of 140 watts and a performance of about 4 watt hours and you have enough power to securely drive an average desktop PC, for about four to five minutes.

ORB was first discussed back in 2001 as a potential future battery technology. NEC said that its technology is based on organic polymer and uses electrochemical reaction of the organic radical "2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinoxy-4-yl methacrylate."

According to NEC, the new batteries are small, safe and powerful enough to become a standard component in "next generation" consumer electronics and computers. The company did not say when the technology will become commercially available.