'Out Of Ammo' Gets Co-Operative Mode So You Can Play With A Friend

You can now play Out Of Ammo, the room-scale VR war game brought to us by Dean Hall, famed creator of the DayZ mod for Arma2, with a friend. The latest patch added a co-operative multiplayer freeplay mode.

Out Of Ammo is a room-scale VR war game being developed by RocketWerkz (founded by Hall) for the HTC Vive. In the game, you oversee your entire deployed army, but you also get to embody each of your soldiers one at a time. In other words, you get into the battle in first-person, as every soldier. A single player version of Out Of Ammo has been available in early access since mid-April, but with update 0.11 that hit Steam on July 11, now you and a friend can play cooperatively.


A test build of the co-op mode has been “available for several weeks now.” Hall said that in the time that the test build has been available, RocketWerkz devs “have removed most of the bugs,” although some issues remain. The ping section of the server browser isn’t working properly. Every server reads "9999 ms." There’s also an issue with connecting to repeated servers. The game won’t let you connect to another server after you’ve left one. You can either restart the game, or you can host a private game to get around the problem. A future update will address these issues.

To complement the cooperative mode, RocketWerkz added VoIP chat to the game. You can activate chat by pressing on the trackpad of your master controller.

Update 0.11 also includes an updated menu system. RocketWerkz said it felt that the old menu was too cluttered, so the company designed an “interactive menu level” that includes a shooting range. The popular teleport locomotion feature was added to the menu level so that you can move around it freely. (Teleport was already available for single player campaign missions.)

The patch also includes a number of bug fixes:

  • ·         FIXED: Teleportation not putting players in the correct position.
  • ·         FIXED: Settings not loading correctly from file.
  • ·         FIXED: Objects not being attached to hand correctly under high ping.
  • ·         FIXED: Jets & Mortar teams not being replicated properly.
  • ·         FIXED: Buildings disappearing when construction finishes.
  • ·         FIXED: Player damage Vignette and headshot effects not being shown on client.
  • ·         FIXED: Icarus mission high-scores not being uploaded.

What’s Next?

RocketWerkz’s focus will be on bug fixes going forward in the near term. Hall said the team’s focus will be on getting version 1.0 out the door with “a solid quality level and with appropriate content.” Additional features and DLC (paid and free) will come after the stable release.

“We have spent a long time on getting Multiplayer integrated which required modifying and revisiting many of the systems we had,” said Hall. “This meant we had to stop the majority of our bug fixing, which can now return in earnest! We will be doing some performance profiling and working on bugs this week.”

Out Of Ammo is available through Steam for $19.99.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.