Overdrive Finals: Intermediate Results, Day 2

We concluded day 1 at 8 pm, after a long 10-hour session. All teams reached at least one category win, and most of them decided to put more emphasis on the graphics benchmarks on day 2. The US team is getting strong now, but there are still three hours left for the others to make a comeback. Germany lost more than an hour, benchmarking on a broken multimeter, which reported wrong voltage readings. Italy is trying to make further modifications. Taiwan has been working on their liquid cooling solution for graphics, adding salt to the water to reduce the freezing point of the water.

Here are the scores as tracked until Sunday, December 14 at 12:45 pm:

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SuperPi 1.5 1M8.266 sec8.157 sec8.125 sec7.987 sec7.985 sec
SuperPi 1.5 32M8 min 03,016 sec7 min 52,516 sec7 min 40,953 sec7 min 24,990 sec7 min 40.984 sec
wPrime 1.55 32M5.188 sec5.422 sec5.219 sec5.756 sec5.297 sec
wPrime 1.55 1024M160.937 sec170.375 sec165.872 sec186.982 sec165.11 sec
PiFast 4.117.98 sec17.86 sec17.44 sec17.29 sec17.36 sec
AquaMark 2003253814227628319212238929233043
3DMark 017055271591Row 7 - Cell 3 Row 7 - Cell 4 71004
3DMark 03729247500275172Row 8 - Cell 4 67736
3DMark 053676235893Row 9 - Cell 3 Row 9 - Cell 4 33171
3DMark 062673325483Row 10 - Cell 3 Row 10 - Cell 4 22394

Scores are being posted every few minutes. France still has to work on the graphics benchmarks.

The winners will be determined by distributing scores for each category. The category winner receives a 100 points, the second place receives 60 points, the third place 30 points, the fourth gets 20 points, and the last one still gets 10 points. We did not want to provide lots of points for second and third places, as we wanted to avoid getting a winner, which may not have won a single benchmark. Looking at the current results, this would be the outcome:

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SuperPi 1.5 1M10203060100
SuperPi 1.5 32M10206010030
wPrime 1.55 32M10020601030
wPrime 1.55 1024M10010302060
PiFast 4.110203010060
AquaMark 200360101003020
3DMark 01301000060
3DMark 033010060020
3DMark 05100600030
3DMark 06100600030
TOTAL SCORE550420370320440
  • daft
    is it just me, or should Germany be winning (going off the basis of the score board) by about 40,000 points........