Watch Us Play The 'Overwatch' Uprising Event

We head to the world of Overwatch for our weekly Twitch stream. Specifically, we're going to take a look at the new event, titled “Uprising.”

The main attraction for the event is the new brawl mode, which pits you and three other friends against a heavy swarm of robots. The story of this brawl takes place before the events of Overwatch, and it highlights Tracer's first mission. In addition to Tracer, you can also choose to play as Reinhardt, Torbjorn, or Mercy. However, Blizzard added a nearly identical brawl in the game’s Arcade section, and you’ll be able to use any hero you want in the fight.

As always, there are new loot boxes for you to open that contain a plethora of cosmetic items including new skins, emotes, sprays, and new highlight animations (the D.Va selfie is my personal favorite).

Even if you can’t catch us on Twitch today, or don’t have time to play the game this weekend, don’t worry too much on missing out on new content. The event runs through May 1, which is nearly two weeks away. For you die-hard collectors, Blizzard said that there are over 100 new loot box items available for participating in the festivities, so you’ll need to put in more effort and game time if you want to get every single piece of new content.

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  • theyeti87
    I'm very happy with the new event. It adds depth to the lore of the game, and gives you a more personal look at why there is distrust of the omnics. The new skins are pretty awesome as well! Love the younger Reinhardt.