Cheap As Chips: Patriot Launches Signature Premium Line DDR4

Patriot today announced its latest “Premium” DDR4, minus the pricing premium, in its Signature Premium standard DDR4 UDIMMs. And by standard we mean that XMP (automatic overclocking settings) is not required to get these to rated speeds and timings: All Signature Line UDIMMs use JEDEC-qualified settings.

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Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 UDIMM w/ Heatshield
SKU#CapacityFrequencyTimingsVoltageMSRP (USD)
PSP44G240081H14GB (1x4GB)2400Mhz17-17-17-391.20V$27.99
PSP44G266681H14GB (1x4GB)2666MHz19-19-19-431.20V$27.99
PSP48G2400KH18GB (2x4GB)2400Mhz17-17-17-391.20V$49.99
PSP48G2666KH18GB (2x4GB)2666MHz19-19-19-431.20V$49.99
PSP48G240081H18GB (1x8GB)2400Mhz17-17-17-391.20V$49.99
PSP48G266681H18GB (1x8GB)2666MHz19-19-19-431.20V$49.99
PSP416G2400KH116GB (2x8GB)2400Mhz17-17-17-391.20V$52.99
PSP416G2666KH116GB (2x8GB)2666MHz19-19-19-431.20V$52.99
PSP416G24002H116GB (1x16GB)2400Mhz17-17-17-391.20V$96.99
PSP416G26662H116GB (1x16GB)2666MHz19-19-19-431.20V$96.99
PSP432G2666KH132GB (2x16GB)2666MHz19-19-19-431.20V$196.99

Heat spreaders set the Premium-branded modules apart from previous Patriot Signature Line products, while the low prices and Patriot-provided warranty set every Signature Line apart from “generic” memory. That low price will be enough to get many of us value-seekers onboard, and nobody said that we couldn’t try our hand at manual overclocking.

Packaged in single and two-DIMM kits at 4GB to 16GB per-module capacities, the availability fairy says that Signature Premium buyers will need to wait for the slow boat from Taiwan.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.