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Get Your Hands On The Patriot Viper V570 Gaming Mouse Now

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Last summer at Computex, Patriot expanded its lineup of gaming peripherals and showed off what would become its new flagship mouse, the Viper V570. Now, the mouse is available, and it costs $60.

My oh my, those curves. The V570 has a distinct design for your hand, and it’s one that you’ll either love or hate. The left side has a deep contour for your thumb that will give you strong grip control. The right side is also grooved, although not as dramatically.

Patriot is marketing the V570 as a hybrid FPS/MMO mouse. Primarily, the company arrived at that marketing decision because the mouse has both a sniper button for FPS sharpshooters and a billion (well, 13) buttons for MMO aficionados. Patriot said that 13 buttons are programmable, although we’re not certain if that counts the multiple functions of the clickwheel or not. (Usually on gaming mice, the left click button, at least, is not programmable, but sometimes software will let you program the click, scroll up, and scroll down functions of the clickwheel individually.)

It appears that, as promised, the V570 sports an Avago 9800 laser sensor (up to 12,000 DPI with four presets)--Viper calls this an “Xtreme Precision Laser Sensor”--which is the same sensor it used in its previous flagship, the V560. The left and right click buttons have Omron switches.

There are multiple lighting zones on the V570, and although the mouse offers RGB lighting, it’s unclear if the RGB part applies to all of the zones. It appears that the lighting ring around the bottom of the mouse and the backlit scroll wheel are both RGB, but it’s possible that the “headlights” on the front and glowing logo on the palm rest are not. There are also DPI indicator lights that likely aren't RGB. You can make custom profiles for the RGB zones.

It’s a good thing the V570 has smooth ceramic feet underneath to let you zip the mouse around with ease, because this sucker is heavy. It comes with 34.2g of removable weights, but fully loaded, this mouse (or is it a rat, at that size?) is 159.2g. To put that in perspective, flyweight gaming mice are usually around 90g, or 70g less than the V570. Woof.

On the other hand (pun), if you’re into heavy, contoured mice with loads of buttons you can program, $60 isn’t a bad price to pay for the V570.

Patriot Viper V570
SensorAvago 9800 laser sensor
ResolutionUp to 12,000 DPI (with four presets)
AmbidextrousNo (right-handed only)
Lighting7 zones, some RGB (customizable)
Buttons13 total, programmable-L/R click-Scroll wheel-DPI switchers x2-Sniper button (left side thumb area)-7 additional buttons on the left/top
Dimensions13.3 x 8 x 4.4cm (DxWxH)
Weight159.2g (including 34.2g removable weights)